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By Geary Dentistry
February 05, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dental implants  

Long Lasting Dental Implants

The American writer Max Eastman once said, “A smile is the universal welcome.” However, if you are suffering from tooth loss then you may feel like your smile is less than welcoming. If you are looking to change this for good, then you may be weighing your tooth replacement options. If you want a treatment option that will restore your smile for years to come, then consider how getting dental implants in Brookfield, WI could help.

About Dental Implants

A dental implants acts similarly to a tooth’s root, holding the artificial tooth firmly in place. A dental implant consists of a tiny Dental Implantstitanium screw, a metal abutment and a dental crown, which is used to permanently replace your missing tooth or teeth.

How Dental Implants Work

The titanium screw is placed into the jawbone where the missing tooth once was. After the implant has been surgically placed, we will allow several months for a naturally occurring phenomenon known as osseointegration to take place. Osseointegration is when the surrounding bone begins to fuse around and with the metal implant. Osseointegration is what keeps the implant permanently in place.

Once this has happened, we will open up the gums to reveal the implant and then place a metal abutment on top. An abutment serves as a foundation on which to hold the artificial tooth and attaches the tooth to the implant.

A few weeks after the abutment is attached we will place your custom-made dental crown on top of the abutment to completely replace your missing tooth.

Dental Implant Benefits

Dental implants boast a multitude of wonderful benefits for our patients. First and foremost your smile receives a significant boast to its appearance. You will also no longer have to deal with struggling through eating and talking, as both will be restored through this treatment.

Furthermore, dental implants also preserve jawbone structure, which other tooth loss treatments like dental bridges and dentures cannot. Not only is your bone and facial structure preserved, but implants also promote the growth of new bone cells.

Dental Implant Candidates

With the proper care your dental implants can last you the rest of your life. However, you have to be prepared to maintain good oral hygiene and to see your Brookfield, WI dentist regularly for cleanings and check ups.

Furthermore, ideal candidates should be in good health, should not be smokers and should not be dealing with uncontrolled chronic health conditions or a weakened immune system.

If you think dental implants are a great option for you, then it’s time to schedule a consultation with Geary Dentistry, your Brookfield, WI dentist, to get the smile you want. For Dental Implant FAQ's visit our page!