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By Geary Dentistry
February 26, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Woman With Healthy TeethHow tooth-colored fillings and crowns from your dentists in Brookfield, WI, can rebuild your smile

Did you know you can restore your damaged teeth with restorations that are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth? It’s true! Small repairs can be completed with tooth-colored fillings, while larger repairs can be completed with porcelain crowns. Both of these restorations not only strengthen your smile, but they can beautify it as well!

Drs. Terence and Mary Eileen Geary at Geary Dentistry in Brookfield, WI, offer a full range of services including tooth-colored fillings and porcelain crowns to restore your damaged teeth.


More about Tooth Restoration

Tooth-colored fillings use a liquid resin material known as composite. Composite can be matched to the color of your teeth and sculpted to restore the natural contours of your teeth. After placement and being hardened with an ultraviolet light, the tooth colored fillings blend perfectly with your natural teeth. Imagine, no more metal fillings!

When you choose tooth-colored fillings, you can count on:

  • A beautifully natural-look
  • A strong filling that is bonded to the remaining tooth structure
  • A completely metal-free smile, with no metallic taste or look

If your tooth is badly damaged, a tooth-colored filling may not be enough. In cases of severe tooth damage, a dental crown is the best choice, for a crown covers the entire surface of your tooth above the gumline.

Dental crowns don’t just restore your damaged teeth. They can make your smile more beautiful too! That’s because today’s dental crowns are made of lifelike materials such as porcelain. Due to its light reflective properties, porcelain accurately mimics the look of natural tooth enamel. When you choose porcelain crowns, they will be virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

You can also choose porcelain fused to a metal foundation, known as a PFM crown. These crowns provide increased strength and beauty, but because of the metal, they aren’t light reflective. PFM crowns are often placed on back teeth, where you need increased strength for chewing.


Call Today!

If you need to restore a damaged tooth, you need a strong restoration. With tooth-colored fillings and dental crowns, you can now have strength and beauty in your smile! Your dentists can help you decide on the best method of restoration, so dial (262) 860-1500 today for Drs. Terence and Mary Eileen Geary at Geary Dentistry in Brookfield, Wisconsin!